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5 Weeks

(27 customer reviews)


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Product Description

A pregnancy ultrasound taken at 5 weeks will be able to clearly show the baby's gestational sac. The white circle within the dark gestational sac is called the yolk sac. Any sort of visible development of the fetus is still a few weeks away, but things are happening quickly!

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27 reviews for 5 Weeks

  1. Ane Madrigal Saavedra

    Is there an option for clearer photo for 5 weeks?? Is it more clear in the print?? Pls help!!

  2. Nella

    Like how I can put in extra info not just name, date, hospital.

  3. Tasia Marie

    I got a copy of an ultrasound my friend had and copied the info to my own thermal photo. Couldn't pick out which one is the fake one and which one is the real one.

  4. VA


  5. Akuna

  6. Akuna

  7. Diara

    Great job! They answered all my questions promplty and the turnaound time for delivery was awesome!

  8. S

  9. S

  10. Brenda

    Looks even better when you have it in your hands.

  11. Su

    It’s great

  12. Morgan


  13. Michelle Jackson

    I love they answer all my questions

  14. Lashonda drawhorn

    Great picture

  15. Samantha Frye


  16. Darlene Townsend


  17. Brandi Phillips

    Love it

  18. cody

    if I have it mailed to someone, is it going to be in a envelope that says "fake ultrasound"?

  19. Emma Melling

    Do you get a printed copy too

  20. Diane

    I love how was able to fool my entire boyfriend's family on my fake pregnancy.... I don't know what I'd do without you guys. Y'all rock!!!!

  21. Diane

    Y'all rock!!!!.......I'm so lucky to have such an incompetent husband.

  22. Diane

    Y'all rock!!!!.......I'm so lucky

  23. Hernalyn Villanueva Calacasan

    This is good and its real in fct

  24. Sarah fielding


  25. Sarah fielding


  26. Monique Fletcher

    Great pic

  27. Selena tackitt

    I'm married

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