8 Fun Things to Do With a Fake Ultrasound

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Having a baby is such a monumental event in a person's life. It's a cause for congratulations and celebrations, and is almost always perceived as a very happy event. Often central to these kinds of positivity is the all-important ultrasound. Did you know that you can now have a fake ultrasound picture made online at an affordable price and with convenient means of purchasing? Given that knowledge, you're probably wondering what you'd need a fake ultrasound for.

Well, here are eight really cool ideas that you can implement today that are pretty fun, funny, and even practical uses for a Baby Maybe fake ultrasound.

Use a fake ultrasound as a prop for your baby gender announcement

One of the most exciting aspects of any pregnancy is figuring out the gender of the child to be born. In fact, many celebrate such announcements at themed parties. The usual fare is there with blue for boys and pink for girls as seen on balloons and other props. Having a fake ultrasound makes for a great addition to this set up because you don't have to go through the hassle of an actual ultrasound and it can serve as a great prop to tease your announcement. Being able to customize with a great fake ultrasound generator is a plus.

A creative way to announce to your partner that you're really pregnant

It's always a thrilling thing to announce to your partner that you're actually pregnant. It's something that you've both hotly anticipated. Many just do it simply: “honey, I'm pregnant.” While that's all well and good, it lacks excitement and fun overall. With a fake ultrasound you can actually make things more exciting. For one thing, you don't even need to say anything. You just need to slip it into his morning paper, in fact, for a real treat and surprise. The thing is that it helps you be a little more different when you announce.

Use a fake ultrasound to trick for your parents for April Fools Day

How many of us have suffered from the constant questioning from friends and family and relatives of when a couple plans to have a baby? Too many, really. It's a consistent and persistent question that gets asked when two people decide to link up. For some, it's an ok question to ask. For others, it can be frustrating. With a fake ultrasound picture, you can get back at those who keep asking the most: you parents! It's good for a few laughs but don't be surprised if your friends and family prank you back for getting their hopes up!

Trick your husband with a “happy accident”

Who says that married couples with kids can't have fun? You certainly can. If your relationship has been taking a turn for the too serious, something like popping a fake ultrasound can add a little humor in your lives. This is true if, perhaps, you weren't expecting to have any more kids or have been thinking of a new addition to the family. Having this might kick start happy memories of the first time it happened and serve as inspiration and motivation to try again and work towards the next down the line.

A finger pointing at a fake ultrasound

Test your boyfriend with a fake ultrasound to see how he will react

It's never a happy thing to end up with someone who isn't perfectly suited for you. One of the enduring strains of any relationship is figuring out if your partner is down to have kids with you—which might be your dream. With a fake ultrasound picture, you can have a little fun with your boyfriend and even test how they react to the possibility of having kids. In a way, it will answer all your questions about whether or not you have a long-term future to look forward to with your current partner.

Realistic prop fake ultrasound for movies

Just how good are these fake ultrasounds? Well, they're good enough to feature as props in a movie. This is great for filmmakers and directors going for the truly dramatic and impactful in their key scenes. They're so good that people won't be able to tell they're not staring at the real deal. This speaks volumes for the quality of work that you can expect provided that you find a reputable and highly skilled fake ultrasound maker to do the job for you.

Run a creative social media experiment to see how your followers will react to the news

We live in an era where anyone who's anyone is on the various popular social media platforms out there. We live in an era where people can react in many ways to events that are far removed from them. If you were ever curious as to how your following might react to the eventual news of an actual pregnancy, then these fake ultrasounds are perfect for you. Hey, if they're good enough to use in a movie, why won't they be good enough to test your followers' reactions on?

A fun keepsake to replace a lost or damaged ultrasound

The first time you get an ultrasound, you likely aren't able to let go of it. And why not? It's a reminder of one of the most momentous and important events in a person's life. Unfortunately, ultrasounds are fragile things and, over the years, they can deteriorate or even be damaged and lost. A fake ultrasound, for what it's worth, can serve as a great replacement memento. It can replicate the emotions and feelings associated with the event even as the original might already be lost to time.

A woman laughing about a prank

A fake ultrasound makes for a great gag piece. It has so much emotional expectations attached to it that it can be perfectly positioned to take people off guard, be it your parents, partner, friends, and even social media following. It's more than just that, however. A fake ultrasound picture can also serve as a crucial piece in a film you might be making. More than that, it can actually serve as a suitable stand in for a piece of memorabilia from a key event in your life that might have been lost to time. Just make sure, however, that you're getting it from a business that knows how to get it done reliably and realistically! Check out our shop to explore our products - we offer fast shipping and premium printed quality.

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