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Fake Ultrasounds Explained: The Ultimate Guide

December 15, 2019

We've created the Ultimate Guide to Fake Ultrasounds! How to make fake ultrasound pictures, how to spot a fake ultrasound picture, tutorials on how to use popular image editing software to make fake ultrasounds, examples, and more! We hope you enjoy. If you're looking for the easiest place to buy and customize fake ultrasounds online, look no further than Baby Maybe!

What is an Ultrasound?

Ultrasounds have become a regular - as well as very welcome - part of the average mother's prenatal treatment. Early in maternity, ultrasounds are utilized to examine the fetal heart beat and a uterine (in contrast to ectopic or tubular) pregnancy. Later, ultrasounds are used to screen for fetal development, placenta location and also umbilical cable, as well as the infant's basic health and anatomy. Ultrasounds can likewise work for checking the length of your cervix, if there is any uncertainty as to whether or not the mother might be in preterm labor.

A pregnant woman holding an ultrasound

Who is an ultrasound for during a pregnancy?

All expectant women should expect to receive more than one ultrasound during their pregnancy.

When is an ultrasound performed while pregnant?

Usually, a woman gets a minimum of 2 sonograms during her pregnancy - one in the very first trimester as well as one in the second trimester.

Exactly how is an ultrasound performed during pregnancy?

If you're obtaining an ultrasound before week 6 or 7, your specialist will likely perform a transvaginal ultrasound. A small device called a transducer (or wand) is wrapped in a condom-like cover as well as sterilized lubricant and inserted into the vaginal area. The practitioner will attempt to maneuver the stick within the genital cavity to scan the mother's womb. The transducer discharges acoustic waves, which rebound off of tissues and organic structures (the fetus!) to produce a picture that all can see on a computer system or print out as a printed ultrasound. The mother will be able to examine the ultrasound in real time with the medical practitioner (though she may likely require help to recognize what she is seeing). The expectant mother can most likely also take home a small hard copy as a souvenir.

Later on during the pregnancy the mother can expect to recieve a transabdominal ultrasound assessment, where a gel is rubbed onto the mother's tummy and afterwards the wand is scrubed over her stomach to create pictures of the fetus.

Ultrasounds can last from five to 30 minutes. They should always be pain-free, except for the discomfort of the mother's full bladder essential for the first-trimester transabdominal examination. They can be somewhat uncomfortable if the sonographer is required to scan in detail and press hard on the abdomen to see a specific part of the fetus much more clearly.

An ultrasound device

What is the difference between a sonogram and ultrasound?

Though the words sonogram as well as ultrasound are commonly used interchangably and mutually, there is a difference. Ultrasound is the actual technology of using audio to produce sonogram images, including the one that you'll take home.

In summary

Early in maternity, ultrasounds are used to establish the fetal heart beat the type of pregnancy. Later, ultrasounds are used to analyze fetal growth, placenta location and umbilical cord, as well as the infant's basic health and also composition. The mother can expect to recieve a different type of ultrasound depending on when in the pregnancy the ultrasound is being taken. Finally, although the words sonogram as well as ultrasound are frequently utilized reciprocally, there is a very minor distinction.

When are ultrasounds taken?

What is the correct number of Ultrasounds to recieve while pregnant?

Wondering the number of times you'll be required to undergo an ultrasound? This varies based upon the mother and also the type and condition of her pregnancy. Listed below are some ultrasound tests a mother might recieve while expecting.

An ultrasound device

Early pregnancy Ultrasound (6-8 Weeks)

The mother's very first ultrasound - also called a sonogram - may take place when the mother is around 6 to 8 weeks expectant. Nevertheless, some physicians only conduct this examination if the mother has specific risky maternity issues. These issues may include bleeding, stomach discomfort,or an established history of abnormality or miscarriage.

This very first exam might be conducted transgvaginally so doctors obtain a clearer image of the baby. In this situation, the OB-GYN or practitioner will place a thin wand-like transducer probe - which transmits high-frequency sound waves via the uterus - into the vagina. The acoustic waves will bounce off the unborn child and also send signals back to an electronic device that transforms these echoes into a black and white image of the fetus. This is what is represented on both a real or a fake ultrasound.

At 6 weeks gestation it is now feasible to see the fetus' heartbeat. The medical expert will likewise anticipate the baby's due day, track milestones, determine the number of infants in the womb, as well as see whether the mother has an ectopic pregnancy.

Dating Ultrasound (10-13 Weeks)

Those mothers who choose to forego the the 6-8 week ultrasound might have a "dating ultrasound" around weeks 10-13. This offers moms and dads the very same type of information: the approximated due date, the soon-to-be-baby's "crown-rump length" (dimension from head to bottom), the quantity of children in the womb - twins, triplets, or more! - and also fetal heart beat.

Nuchal translucency Ultrasound (14-20 Weeks)

In between 14 to around 20 weeks, the mother might additionally recieve a nuchal translucency (NT) test to examine the fetus for signs of Down syndrome or various other chromosomal abnormalities. Mothers who are approximately 35 or older, whose screening test exposed possible trouble, or that have a family history of particular abnormality ought to consider this additional ultrasound. The medical practitioner will measure hormonal levels and proteins with a blood examination, and they'll likewise determine anatomical features that may indicate developmental issues with an ultrasound.

A doctor conducting an ultrasound on a pregnant belly

Anatomical survey (18-20 Weeks)

This thorough ultrasound, generally taken between weeks 18 to 20 of pregnancy, is the most complete checkup the fetus or fetuses will have before they are born. This examination lasts 20 to 45 mins if the mother is having one baby. The duration of the procedure will certainly increase if the mother is having multiples.

The physician will certainly examine the fetus' heart rate and look very closely for abnormalities in the fetus brain, heart, kidneys, and liver. The pysician will also examine the anatomical development - counting the infant's toes as well as fingers, analyze the placenta, measure the amniotic fluid, and search closely look for birth defects. At this point the ultrasound will be able to reveal the child's sex, although it's not always going to be certain; a knowledgeable practitioner is able to be correct 9 times out of 10. The mother should make certain to let the provider know beforehand if she doesn't want the suprise to be ruined!

Third trimester Ultrasounds

Numerous moms-to-be do not require an ultrasound in the 3rd trimester. However if the pregnancy is considered high-risk - as an example, if the mother has high blood pressure, blood loss, low levels of amniotic liquid, preterm contractions, or is an older expectant mother - the doctor might perform in-office, low-resolution ultrasounds during additional prenatal visits for extra confidence.

A doctor discussing an ultrasound with a patient

In summary

At 6 weeks' gestation, it's very possible to see the infant's heart beat. At this point doctors will measure hormonal agents and proteins with a blood test, and they'll additionally evaluate the fetus' anatomic development with an ultrasound. Later on the ultrasound will be able to determine anatomical development and even the child's sex. If the pregnancy is considered risky - for example with a mother with health issues or an advanced age - the doctor might carry additional ultrasounds later in the gestation in order to double and triple check the fetus development and the health and safety of the mother.

How do I spot a fake ultrasound?

You may have heard of fake ultrasounds. Maybe you think that someone gave you a fake ultrasound. You may even be in the market for a fake ultrasound yourself! Whatever your exposure to fake ultrasounds, realism is a major concern. Whether you are a prankster, have been the target of a prank, or just want to make sure that you are educated on the subject, it is always good to know some tips and hints to suss out the real ultrasounds from the fake pregnancy ultrasounds.

1. If the unborn child looks somewhat unusual

The fetus in the ultrasound image may be unrealistic. It might not look human to you. Maybe it's too blurry. Maybe it looks low quality. For one factor or one another it simply looks off. In this case, you should trust your instinct. Discuss it with the person who gave you the ultrasound. Make sure to pay attention to their face when you confront them! Most people have difficulty keeping it together during a prank. Their face will reveal the truth!

2. If the exact Ultrasound or Sonogram photo shows up in Google Image Search

There may be an easy way to know if the image is real or not - you may make use of our friend Google to dig deeper into the truth. This is especially easy if the ultrasound was poster on social media and you can easily copy it to your computer. Just take a clear picture of the ultrasound; it is much better if you scan it to see the complete details of the picture. Second, visit images.google.com and perform a direct image search by dragging the picture on the search bar. You can quickly discover if the ultrasound is fake if an exact match shows up in a Google search. Make sure that the image is an exact match - oftentimes one ultrasound is very similar to another!

3. If the photo shows up in the shop of a fake ultrasound maker like Baby Maybe

Baby Maybe is an online shop that specializes in selling and making fake ultrasounds for clients. They are used for baby announcements, jokes, and many other reasons! By browsing through their offerings you will be able to check if there are products that are exact matches to the photo that you saw. If it's an exact match, it's pretty much guaranteed to be a fake ultrasound!

An ultrasound from the Baby Maybe Premium Fake Ultrasound Shop

4. If the date, name, healthcare facility or hospital name is wrong or misspelled

This is an obvious one, however even one of the most perceptive of people might be deceived if they don't recognize how to check the information carefully. Take advantage of your old buddy the search engine and try entering in the ultrasound details. Closely searching for the healthcare facility name as well as its geographic area might tell if a person is twisting the truth. In addition, you can also attempt to pair up the day when the ultrasound was taken versus the age of the unborn child. Any inconsistancies might indicate a fake ultrasound prank versus the truth.

5. If there are spelling or capitalization errors

Medical facility staff including also the medical encoders are educated to be careful above all else. They are all very aware that a single mistake can be harmful to their patient, so it is very much uncommon for a medical facility to provide an ultrasound with punctuation mistakes in relation to the name, the hospital, the day, or any other clinical terms.

If the spelling doesn't pass the initial smell check then you should dig deeper!

A finger pointing at a fake ultrasound

6. If the ultrasound is on cheap paper or with low-grade printing

As you examine the printed ultrasound it might seem to you that the image is not printed in high resolution quality. It may also appear that the paper is routine printer or color copier paper. You need to keep in mind that medical ultrasound photos are printed on a thermal paper. Thermal paper - true to the name - use heat to imprint the photo on the paper, as opposed to ink embedded in paper. These pieces of thermal paper have a plasticky smooth as well as rather shiny appearance, like a receipt from the grocery store.

If you are preparing to prank somebody - be it a member of the family or a close friend - Baby Maybe can print top-notch fake ultrasound images on genuine thermal paper. If you're going to play a joke, make sure it's a quality joke!

7. If the presenter of the ultrasound has an inconsistent story

You can usually tell if someone is joking around based on the detail of the story. If the person can't describe what took place throughout the session with the medical professional, then it's most likely that they didn't actually recieve an ultrasound. You can probably guess at that point that the ultrasound image is a fake.

8. If there is sketchiness surrounding the doctor's name

Okay, so you inspected every bit of information that you could glean from the ultrasound, and you are pretty well persuaded at this point. However, when you asked the administering medical professional's name, the person gave a fishy last name or maybe even refused to answer. Most mothers have very close relationships with their caregivers during a pregnancy, so it's strange to not know the name of the doctor performing the ultrasound. A quick Google search will also be able to determine if there is actually a doctor by that name performing medicine at the hospital listed on the possibly fake ultrasound.

A woman laughing at a funny fake ultrasound prank

9. Think if the person is someone who really likes to joke or prank other people

Okay. We constantly have that friend who is always getting into all kinds of fun and also games. If the personality of that individual is most likely inclined to the sillier side of personality distributions, you might want to keep an eye on them. Especially if having a child is sort of a big deal among your circle of pals, this could be a send-up.

10. Give it time

Well, one way or another, the truth will come out. You can only keep a baby in there for about 9 months, give or take! In the end, time will tell if this person is telling the truth or playing a fake ultrasound prank.

12 Examples of fake pregnancy ultrasound pictures

How do I make a fake ultrasound picture for free?

There are a lot of online image services out in the market these days, and most of them are available free of charge. You can download some of them on your mobile phones or on your computer for easier access. They’re as follows:

Use Canva as a fake ultrasound maker

Canva is a website that can help you create and lay out graphics like a pro. It has a large pool of templates that can help you with whatever design you are trying to make. Canva also has millions of photographs for you to choose from. You can either go with their free photos or subscribe and be a member of their website for more exclusive photos

With that being said, you can start creating your free fake ultrasound on Canva by following these steps:

  1. Choose a photo of a baby. You can get to decide if you would like it to be a girl or a boy.
  2. After that, you can look for a template of an ultrasound result. If you are having a hard time looking for a template you like, you can also download from other sources and upload it on Canva as you can choose to have layers of photos in this tool.
  3. Add filters to make it look more realistic and as close to a real ultrasound result as it can be.
  4. Download the photo.
  5. Once all done, print it on a paper of your choice then show it to your friends and family.

Use Pixlr to make a free fake ultrasound with your name on it

Pixlr is almost the same as Canva, except that it’s mostly used in mobile phones than on computers. You can view this fake ultrasound tutorial video to see how it was gradually done by one of its users using her mobile phone.

Like the previous steps we mentioned for Canva, the user just did almost the same things. The only difference is that she didn’t opt to have layers of photos for her final image as she only wanted to have a close-up photo of the baby’s face. Instead, she used layers of filters until she achieved that sonogram effect for her final photo.

Make a Free Fake Ultrasound with Adobe Photoshop

Who says you can only create photos to prank your loved ones? You can go to even greater lengths and send or show your friends or family a video or a GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) image of your fake ultrasound for free!

Please watch this video for more detailed instructions on how to make an ultrasound using Photoshop. You would even learn how to make an MRI or CT Scan results with this video if you’re thinking of another prank.

Learn about Fake Ultrasound Online Suppliers

If you think you are not creative enough to create your own or are too busy to find time to make one, you can always find people who actually thought there is business in playing pranks. These suppliers have their websites so you can order online and have it delivered right to your doorstep and you are good to go.


This particular supplier is one of the suppliers you would easily spot online. They offer a range of products online which include thinking of a fake patient number, fake name of a doctor, hospital or clinic name, and of course – you get to decide on your fake baby’s gender.

They have different rates on their products and deals which mostly depends on the type of paper that you would want your fake ultrasound to be printed on. The type of paper matters the most as it would determine how realistic your fake ultrasound can be.

If you don’t have a plan on how to pull your prank, their website also offers ideas on how to make your prank easier and more exciting. You can also view their packages and promotions or discounts on their website because they offer free shipping from time to time.

Unfortunately Fake-A-Baby uses a very outdated website design, and they do not offer a free fake ultrasound option. There are much better resources available online if you are looking for a fake ultrasound maker for free or a way to make a preganancy ultrasound without spending any money!


This supplier is said to be the best among the rest as it can provide you with the most realistic fake ultrasound! The key to achieving the most realistic ultrasound result is the type of paper you are going to print the result on as we have pointed out earlier.

Most suppliers are not as accurate as Baby Maybe as real ultrasound results are printed on thermal receipt papers which are very expensive. However, what sets Baby Maybe Shop apart is that the service offers real thermal printing!

Aside from the medical-grade thermal paper it offers, it is also customizable, and all thermal print orders include a FREE instant digital PDF copy. However, if you want a more budget-friendly package, Baby Maybe also has it covered for you!

You can check out the website to know more about the different fake baby ultrasound products they offer, sample products, and other details. Baby Maybe does what they do with quality and legit fun in mind. So if you really want something that looks just like the original, Baby Maybe is the way to go.

The Only Fake Ultrasound Generator for Free with my Name on it

Finally, Baby Maybe is the singular provider online that allows you to create a FREE fake ultrasound. You can use their fake ultrasound generator for free with my name on it and customize it with your name, date, and chosen design. Their premium ultrasound maker is the best one online with a dynamic preview, and is the only one that offers you the option to pay absolutely nothing.

Where can I get a fake ultrasound picture?

There are a wide array of fake ultrasound pictures sold or generated online by different companies. Please continue reading below if you're wondering there to buy fake ultrasound pictures.

1. Baby Maybe, the Premier Fake Ultrasound Maker Online

Baby Maybe provides clients with top quality fake ultrasound images. The images that they use are exclusive to the platform, and they highly prioritize the security of their clients. Your prank is totally risk-free with Baby Maybe.

Using their fake ultrasound maker is super simple and user-friendly! Just fill out the patient name, the date of the procedure, a made-up medical facility name, and poof! - you will obtain a preview layout of your completely individualized fake ultrasound image. They have a number of premium digital and printed ways to deliver the ultrasound. They also offer the ability to print out the document on real ultrasound paper.

A woman using a laptop to create a fake ultrasound online

It's important to note that other fake ultrasound vendors online do not offer anywhere near the realism of the ultrasounds made by Baby Maybe. Apart from the high quality of the imaging and the ability to fully customize the document, what really sets Baby Maybe Shop apart is that their fake ultrasound service provides authentic thermal printing, just like in a real hospital!

Other than the medical-grade thermal paper offered by Baby Maybe, every aspect of the fake ultrasound itself is hyper personalized - every little thing from the name, to the health care center or hospital, to the day, in addition to one-of-a-kind and unique designs for the scans. Additionally, all image as well as thermal print orders include a FREE immediate electronic PDF copy.

Baby Maybe is additionally the only shop online that grants the user the ability to produce a fake ultrasound totally free! Their online generator of a free fake ultrasound maker is incredibly simple to use. Simply add in your name, the day, as well as choose the design you like the most. Their totally free phony ultrasound manufacturer adds a small watermark per layout, which can be removed if you upgrade to a Premium document through their store.

2. Fake a Baby

Fake a Baby is a well-known store online that markets a selection of trick products such as fake ultrasounds, sonograms, and other fake personalized pregnancy documents.

Among the items that they have been selling for years is the 2D FAKEULTRASOUNDS in Black and White. You have the ability to pick the pregnancy duration, choose both the medical professionals name as well as the medical facilities name, and choose the sex of the child.

Their website is not as friendly or eye-catching as Baby Maybe, but they supply a vast array of items and display positive reviews from past consumers. Fake a Baby is a good option if you are looking for a poster sized gag printout of your fake ultrasound.

3. Shop on Amazon for a Phony Ultrasound

Amazon.com offers a personalized 3D Trick Pregnancy Ultrasound Sonograms. This document appears to be on real ultrasound paper, although it is unclear how customized it is. It is also a very expensive option compared to other shops.

An additional item that Amazon uses is the Prank 2D Customized Ultrasound. This product is less costly than the product stated above. This product might still work for a trick as it also utilizes actual ultrasound paper. You can choose the gender at 15 weeks or more, and you also have the option of twins on the ultrasound.

4. Fakeultrasound

Fakeultrasound.com, like the other shops, offers customized fake pregnancy ultrasounds. They offer single infants up to triplet scans. They offer 2D and 3D photos as well. One concern with their site is that many of their items appear to be electronic only - they do not appear to offer an on-paper alternative for their products. Likewise, their service does not provide a hassle-free preview function like Baby Maybe - you need to purchase your product and hope that it comes out looking exactly as you customized it. If you want a digital image only, their store should be a decent option! Baby Maybe does supply a totally customizable fake baby ultrasound generator that generates an excellent quality PDF that you can print out from your home or at the local photo shop. It's always good to have alternatives!

5. Fake Ultrasound Apps on the App Shop

There are various fake child apps you can find on the Apple App Shop and also Google Play just for the sake of pranking. Here are some of them:

Ultrasound Spoof - This app is among the more prominent applications in making fake infant ultrasound pictures on your phone. This app has some past good ratings from their users, although recently several of their evaluations have actually been complaining that resulting ultrasounds are not realistic, or that the app does not even function correctly. We cannot recommend that users download the app, but if you do please make sure to keep an eye on it for updates and future reviews.

Baby Ultrasound Spoof - We can not with any certainty recommend this app to our users, as one of their latest customers mentions that the app is broken and that it does not permit them to save their ultrasounds. They went to far as to call the app a rip-off. There are far better choices readily available online.

A woman laughing about a prank

In Conclusion

Verdict: Baby Maybe is the best Fake Ultrasound shop online, hands down.

We are able to say with absolute confidence that Baby Maybe is the very best place to purchase a fake ultrasound online. Baby Maybe stands above the competition for 3 major reasons:

  • They are the only provider that provides a FREE fake ultrasound generator online. This shows that they prioritize client service. No other fake ultrasound provider is as dedicated to their customers.
  • Their thermal printing is top notch, and also utilizes the very same printers and thermal paper that hospitals make use of. If you are looking for absolute realism, Baby Maybe is the only way to go.
  • They offer a budget friendly digital PDF alternative, which enables you to tailor as well as print your ultrasound straight from your home.

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