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Fake Pregnancy Test - Always Turns Positive

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New at Baby Maybe! We're excited to present our Fake Always Positive Pregnancy Tests.

  • Our fake pregnancy tests turn positive every time! Use virtually any liquid including ordinary tap water.
  • Includes one or two sealed prank pregnancy tests, fake instructions, and a professionally designed package which looks like the real deal.
  • Although these tests look real, they're not! Get ready for the prank of a lifetime.
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Product Description

  • These realistic fake pregnancy tests always turn positive. You can use virtually any liquid, including ordinary tap water!
  • Includes one or two sealed prank pregnancy tests, fake instructions, and a professionally designed package which looks like the real deal.
  • It may look real, but it’s not! These fake tests are for joke usage only.
  • Ready for the prank of a lifetime!

Our fake pregnancy test was designed to give only positive results under any circumstance, and is a great gag for you to play on your husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, parents, or anyone else that you feel like pranking. The prank tests could be used as a joke at a bridal shower, bachelorette party, baby shower, or any other shenanigans you may have in mind.

Please note: using urine on this test is not necessary because it is manufactured to turn positive using any liquid, including water.


  • Laugh for days after pulling off the best prank you can dream of
  • What you will get: one or two sealed prank pregnancy tests in a realistically designed package 
  • So easy to use! Just remove the cap and just soak the tip of the test in urine, tap water, or virtually any liquid for 20 seconds. Lay the test on a flat surface and wait... the "2 bar" POSITIVE pregnancy result will show in the display window within 3 to 5 minutes!
  • Wide Applications - these funny fake pregnancy tests are very suitable for tricking boyfriends, husbands, family members and your friends. It will be so much fun to observe their reactions!
  • Prank Responsibly - please note that these tests are for prank purposes only. These tests may not be used for anything other than a joke.

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2 reviews for Fake Pregnancy Test - Always Turns Positive

  1. Jessenia

    the test turned positive real quick and easy to read

  2. Maribelle

    A VERY realistic test!

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